Pacific Management’s Course Descriptions

Find the hidden barriers to treatment acceptance and practice performance.

The tremendous value of our Performance and Acceptance Analysis is that we can spot the hidden barriers, from a background of having consulted hundreds and hundreds of practices to success with explosive net profits. We know exactly what the most common reasons for a lack of treatment acceptance are and many other areas affecting your practice performance.

Our Performance and Acceptance Analysis consists of ten precise steps conducted by our consultants:

  • A 16 point Treatment Acceptance Analysis to pinpoint any hidden barriers.
  • A Goal review—your present goals may be far too low.
    An in-depth interview to determine practice strengths and weaknesses.
  • An exact analysis of the data and statistics gathered by your consultant. This is a precise process followed by our consultants to completely “wrap our wits around” your practice. Even though you will not see the consultant performing this step it is the key to our being able to give you a “spot on” analysis. We often spend several hours on this step alone.
  • A mini workshop covering our exact management system: precisely what you need to know to function as a successful and profitable owner in any practice, while maintaining high quality clinical production.
  • An overview of Management by Statistics (MBS.) We show you the basics of our system and then take you through a statistical analysis of your practice.
  • Profit analysis. We help you to identify where your practice is “hemorrhaging money” or locate under-productive profit centers. Find out how to recover your “lost income.”
  • Stress identification. Find out what is causing stress for you as the owner and what is causing stress for staff and precisely what to do to resolve it.
  • Identify the barriers to the achievement of your goals. These are the roadblocks that stand in the way of your true success.
  • A detailed written Report of Findings with Goals, Situations (barriers to achieving those goals) and the steps necessary to improve, strengthen and resolve any barriers found.

Introductory Analysis:

Our 16-point Treatment Acceptance Analysis to pinpoint any hidden barriers plus an in-depth interview to determine practice strengths and weaknesses. This takes about 45-60 minutes with a usual fee of $275, but we’re making it available to you for

only $59.


Performance and Acceptance Analysis:

This covers all ten steps described above with a usual fee of $1,650 however, for a limited time only (we do mean limited) we are charging a flat fee of

only $395.

This includes the Introductory Analysis and the CD