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Dental Practice Management Training

Your practice will either sink to the skill and comfort level of your staff, or you will push the skill level of your staff up to meet standards that you set. It is up to you to do that as the senior executive of the practice, and you can only do that with training—being trained yourself on how to do your job as an executive (not as a dentist, but as the practice owner) and then training your staff.

Those standards are supposed to be in the form of vividly detailed job descriptions, office policies, and clinical protocols. Now, here's the problem: When you went to school to learn to be a dentist, they didn't teach you to do all of that stuff. They didn't teach you how to hire and train staff and provide them with job descriptions, did they?

They didn't teach you how to do accounts receivables, accounts payables, bookkeeping, accounting, and to deal with insurance companies and HMOs and PPOs. Or how to assess which ones to use and which ones not to use. They didn't teach you how to actually sell and get compliance with treatment plans. They showed you how to present a case, but not how to deal with somebody who says, "I can't afford it, Doctor!" What are you supposed to say then? Do you just sort of fold up, because you don't know what to say and your staff don't know what to say?

The difference between a practice doing $20,000 a month and a practice doing a million dollars a year is NOT in how good a clinician the doctor is. It's in that doctor's ability to confront those questions, these exact things. And how to get that scheduling in there tight. And how to make sure that everybody has enough time to do her job. Not look busy, but be effective, so that every patient that comes in there gets a case presentation, gets a treatment plan, and you can sit down and work out the financial arrangements and get the cases complied with.

You also have to stay on top of some of the administrative and managerial actions that are happening in your practice.

Just because you have staff does not make it a commune. A practice is not a democracy, and everybody isn't supposed to get a vote. The fact is:

Your practice will either sink to the comfort level of your staff, or it will be up to you to push their skill level up to meet the standards that you set.

That's it! It is either going to sink down to whatever is comfortable for them to do, or it is going to be up to you to push their skill level up to meet the standards that YOU set.

Now those standards are supposed to be in the form of vividly detailed job descriptions and office policies and standardized clinical protocols. And even if you have those, they aren't worth the paper they are printed on unless you also have a system in place to get them implemented. How you go about doing that is a very interesting trick.

You can teach anybody how to change a tire on a car, but this is more like trying to teach your staff to change the tire on the car while it is moving! You can't close the practice down for ten weeks while you re-tool the practice.


We have many clients who have practices making over a million dollars a year. One thing that they all agree on is that you can be the best dentist in the country and starve, while some mediocre dentist down the road can make a fortune because he can hire and train good staff, he's got good job descriptions, he collects his money, he sells big cases, he gets compliance to them, and his staff do what they are told.

So how good a clinician you are has very little to do with how much money you'll make as a dentist. But it sure makes life a lot more fun when you have the tools and you have the skills and you can do some fantastic dentistry — it takes the drudgery out of dentistry.

How do you pour water into an already full glass? How do you teach your staff new habits when the only way they can maintain the current quantity and quality of production is to continue to use the old habits and routines?

We hear from doctors frequently: "Well, I've been to seminars. I've been to workshops, we read books, we have meetings, we go over them and everybody agrees. And then by Wednesday we're all back to our old habits again and nothing gets changed."

It's not that you're not getting their agreement. It's not that they are incompetent. It is that you've never been taught how to actually get compliance from your staff and patients. Well, that's what we specialize in. In a nutshell, teaching you how to get compliance from your staff and patients is what Pacific Management is all about.

We teach you what needs to be done and how to get compliance from your staff, in these areas:

1. New Patients

Our program teaches an exact technology behind the successful marketing of your practice. There is a missing ingredient from most internal and external marketing programs, which is why they are usually hit or miss. We teach you what this is and how to get your staff to use it to assure your success in any marketing venue. You will find out what people in YOUR area will respond to that will make them want your services, and how to present it to them without giveaways or expensive advertising.

2. Net Income

Increasing your net income is accomplished by:

  • Consistently getting an adequate number of new patients
  • Educating patients correctly so they accept and complete treatment plans
  • Collecting in full for services rendered
  • Keeping your overhead under control

Our training helps you to accomplish these steps smoothly and confidently, on a routine, ongoing basis. And how to get your staff to do this for you!

3. Organization and management

There is a proven, successful pattern for any business of any size which will ensure its survival and prosperity. The training you receive at Pacific includes precise info on how to implement this system into your practice. We also teach you how to monitor the production in each area of your practice and how to properly manage every function to achieve the highest levels of production possible with the least amount of effort. It takes the guesswork out of management and you won't need to manage by gut instinct any more.

4. Team building, hiring, training and managing an effective staff

If your staff are not properly training on all aspects of their jobs, the principles of organization and patient management, you will end up handling a large portion of their jobs and correcting them constantly instead of increasing your own production as a dentist. We help you to implement a staff hiring and training system to ensure you have a well-trained, qualified and efficient staff that operates as a team.

5. Leadership

What qualities does it take to become a competent executive? How do you ensure staff loyalty and stability? How can you completely control the solvency of your practice? Our training provides you with the necessary information and skill set to solve these common problems faced by any practice owner or executive.

6. Delegation

As your practice expands, you are faced with a dilemma: How can you run things successfully as an executive without cutting into the time you spend delivering quality dental care to your patients? The answer is to hire and train a competent office manager who can handle routine management functions and execute your orders and get your plans done. Pacific offers a training program designed to rapidly educate your office manager on the basic principles of organization, management and leadership. We also provide your office manager with training skills, so he or she can go back to the practice and stabilize and train all your staff FOR YOU. This ensures the practice runs smoothly without executive overload or overlapping functions.


Clinical skill does not determine the success of your practice. Your future and financial freedom are completely dependent on your abilities as an executive and administrator.

Those management skills and abilities are what Pacific Management Consultants will bring about in you!

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