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A Letter From: Kirk Youngman, D.M.D.

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to you today about a matter that I feel deserves your serious consideration. My hope is that you will read this letter as a professional courtesy and accept my advice. I am a real, flesh-and-bone practice owner just like yourself.

Though I now enjoy an incredible quality of life and a practice in the upper 5% of practices in this country, it wasn't always this way. Some time ago I too received a letter like this from a colleague, offering me help with my practice. Not vague advice, but real help. He asked me to realistically look at 6 primary issues:

  1. Maximizing the patient care I provide;
  2. Fully funding my retirement;
  3. Getting completely out of debt;
  4. Getting my children through college;
  5. Paying competitive wages and good benefits to my staff;
  6. Doing all this and still having a decent, stress-free quality of life.

I had been frustrated because I knew that I wasn't achieving the full potential of my practice. Looking at these 6 issues further illustrated that fact. I knew that we were not achieving our goals, but I wasn't just sitting around complaining. I had tried to figure out why we were not operating as we should, and came up with some answers - wrong answers, which just added to the stress. This colleague made me realize that "re-inventing the wheel" was costing me a fortune, and my life was passing me by in the meantime.

The help I have promised you is in the form of a free and very serious consultation with a 20-year veteran consultant from Pacific Management Consultants. Pacific routinely doubles and triples practices. They make small practices grow to true viability. They take medium and large practices and reduce their stress and "busy work" and create fully functioning executives out of their managers so that doctors can spend the maximum amount of time doing high net treatment.

Over the years I've met many doctors and staff who, like myself, get all pumped up with seminars and consulting, only to discover later that they were unable to follow through and actually apply the data, get it done and keep it done. There seems to be no shortage of informational data and inspirational speakers; we just weren't getting it implemented.

Since getting with Pacific Management Consultants, I've learned that you can have it all (1 through 6 above). I now have a large practice, which is very productive and profitable. My wife and I are able to take plenty of time off to pursue our many interests. We've just remodeled the practice and purchased major new equipment, something that would have driven us into debt before. Our problems were internal, not external. I've learned that it's what you don't know (though perhaps think you do) that can stop you.

Pacific Management will provide you with a powerful telephone consultation at no charge. Just click here to apply. This free consultation is how Pacific demonstrates its expertise to potential clients. Pacific's Senior Management Analyst conducts this consultation for you. He is not a salesman and there is no obligation. He has evaluated over two thousand practices over the past twenty years and is a highly regarded expert in this field. So, there you have it. Real help. Pro help. Career changing help. Yours for the taking. With high regards,

Kirk Youngman, D.M.D.

More stories of success from our clients:

I am a client of Pacific Management Consultants. My association with them has been awesome. As a direct result of my consulting, I have realized a 50% increase in income and a 1160% return on my investment in consulting. Based on this years first quarter numbers, I am well on the way to better than a million dollar year. In fact, I had impressive results within my first month with Pacific and actually recouped what I paid for my consulting program within six weeks of starting it.

Since starting with Pacific Management I've been able to get out of debt, pay my staff very competitive wages and bonuses and provide them with excellent benefits. My children will attend their college of choice, and our quality of life and the amount of time I am able to spend with my family improved substantially.

I've accomplished all this while maintaining a consistent level of production and profitability in my practice. My entire consulting program was uniquely tailored to my personal situation. Nothing rote or "cookie cutter" about it. In addition, my consultant created the exact help I needed to implement a well-planned transition into my eventual retirement. That program is now moving exactly as planned.

These are the typical results routinely achieved by Pacific clients. I can't recommend them highly enough. They have become friends to us. I have no vested interest in Pacific and am not being paid to communicate this to you. I simply hope you'll check this out. The only complaint I've ever had from another Pacific client is that they wish they had done this years ago. I believe it's never too late to take control of your practice and career.

Even if you're only seeking advice on minor issues, their help can be invaluable. They're offering you a free one hour practice consultation with a 20 year veteran consultant. This is a very concise telephone consultation with a seasoned pro. It is powerful. Here is how to get started.

Go to the Consultation Questionnaire. This is an incredible tool. Though it takes just five minutes to fill out, it will enable you to "zero in on" the precise areas of your practice that you should be focusing on right now. It's an amazing questionnaire. Even if all you do is fill out this questionnaire, you will likely have some important realizations about your practice. The consultant's assistant will then call you to set up a free one hour consultation to address the issues you're most interested in. This could be exactly what you've been looking for.

Highest regards,

Rob Pearce, D.D.S.

I want so much to communicate this to you in as sincere and compelling a way as I can. Some time ago I received a letter from another colleague of ours who urged me to seek help in my practice if I were unsatisfied or unhappy about certain things my practice should provide for me.

He made me take a hard look at things like funding retirement, getting my kids through college, getting completely out of debt, sharing a good quality of life with my family, and finally, the ability to pay my staff a competitive wage, benefits and bonus in order to attract and hold on to good and loyal people. Up until this time I was unaware that these were things my practice was even supposed to provide me.

He went on to say that even this was not all the practice should provide. A practice should provide the resources necessary to expand from within, to support healthy and productive associate and partner relationships and to provide a practical working plan for my eventual transition into retirement.

I followed this colleague's compelling advice, based on his personal experience and achievements in these areas. I now want to fulfill my obligation and pass this wisdom on to you.

Since beginning my extraordinary adventure with Pacific Management Consultants, unbelievable things have occurred. Unbelievable yet standard for the countless hundreds of practice owners across the country who achieve these goals daily.

I am now in the top 1% of practices in this country. We have fully funded our children's education. We are completely out of both personal and practice debt. We could retire at any time, except that the quality of my life includes a practice I love to work in so much, that I'm not ready to leave. My marriage and children are prospering and our quality of life is ridiculously wonderful. We pay our staff a top wage and we make our bonus 9 out of ten months because my staff are skilled and motivated.

None of this success is because of luck. It's not just some "thing" I seem to have a knack for. We learned the true secrets of running a prosperous practice from Pacific Management's technology. Perhaps you should do the same, if any of these goals I've mentioned seem difficult to attain. With this letter to you, I am fulfilling my obligation to help others as I was helped.

Yours Sincerely,

Jerome A. Gray, D.D.S.

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