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  • Increase your personal net income
  • Find trustworthy and competent employees
  • Promote your practice effectively and inexpensively
  • Learn to sell Treatment plans, even if you hate selling
  • Design effective and profitable staff incentive programs
  • Make your day-to-day practice life less stressful and more enjoyable
  • And much more...
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Dental Practice Management Training

Pacific provides training and seminar programs for Dentists and specialists.
Target areas vital to the prosperity of any

Continuing Education

Pacific is a registered Continuing Education provider.
Our latest seminar: Comprehensive Treatment Planning & Treatment Acceptance Seminar (16 CE Credits) September 29th & 30th

Increase Net Profit with Less Stress

Our four-step approach

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Don't Forget to Focus On Results

It is all over the headlinesócorporate greed leads to lost jobs and financial ruin. Leading economists have opinions.

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We're helping our clients achieve greater success and profitability using proven tools that get results. We handle whatever is keeping your net income from going to the next level. We can help you, too.

Rick Manning, President of Pacific Management

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"Since I have been on the Pacific program, things have really kicked into high gear, I am doing great! Production and Income are up from $30,000 a month when I started with Pacific, to a monthly average of $138,000 for the last 6 months! I am learning the management and executive skills that are vital to having a successful practice. In addition to this, I have also learned how to communicate to my patients in a more effective manner, enabling them to understand and accept needed treatment."

Kevin Andrews, D.D.S., Sparks, NV

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