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All our services are part of a tailor-made program for your practice to handle whatever is keeping your net income from going to the next level.

Our Tailor-Made Dental Practice Management Programs Start With:

I. Evaluation

When we evaluate your practice, it is not based on our consultants being bright and intuitive; we are not some kind of management gurus. We have a set of empirical standards that we use to measure your practice against. Much the same way that, when you take an x-ray, you have to clearly have in mind what a healthy tooth should look like in an x-ray so you have something to compare it against.

We look at seven specific areas to see how close your practice is, or how far it is, from what would be an ideal practice in those seven areas.

We have vividly detailed job descriptions and office policies which are the empirical standards that we use to measure your practice against, and we break this down into those same seven areas.

In our evaluation we also crunch all your numbers on production, collections, new patients and expenses, broken down by month. We do over 30 mathematical and financial computations based on those numbers, which tell us some important things about how your practice is really doing.

Then, more importantly, we factor in YOU. What you want. We factor in the quantity, quality and skill level of your staff based on individual interviews.

We factor in the socio-economic conditions of your area, and we factor in your physical plant and how big it is and how it is laid out, and we look at everything from signage and parking, how close are you to handling your OSHA requirements for sterilization, how your front desk is set up, what kind of software you're using for scheduling, how effectively the staff can function with it and how well they understand it.

We look at hygiene and what kind of soft tissue management program you have, how effective that is, and scheduling and how well coordinated that is for multiple operatories and for hygiene and restorative dentistry to co-exist.

We also ask every question and turn over every stone in the practice during our evaluation, so we unearth any personnel problems, financial or other problems so that we can make for you the exact, custom-tailored program to get your practice from where it is, to where you want it to be.

Bottom line: Each of our programs is uniquely tailored to each individual client.

II. Training

One of the most common things we run into is that doctors get really busy, and they find that the systems that worked really well for them at 30 miles an hour don't work nearly as well at 60 miles an hour. So they throw staff at the problem. In other words, instead of upgrading the SYSTEMS and TRAINING the staff on how to run at 60 miles an hour, they hire two more 30 mile an hour staff members. Then what happens is that even though they've doubled their production, the overhead goes up because the dollar amount of payroll goes up. So the doctor is making the same amount, sometimes even less profit, even though he's working twice as hard!

If you work with any group of people who are not well trained and organized, here's what happens: In lieu of adequate protocols and job descriptions and office policies, the staff will invent their own. Then what happens is they dig in and defend their way of doing things and you get different people doing the same job different ways. That's a breeding ground for conflict and stress.

Where there is conflict or stress in a practice, there is a lack of agreement. And behind that, there is a lack of standardized protocols and standardized policies. In lieu of adequate policies and job descriptions, do you know what the staff do? They make up their own! They make up their own based on whatever is easiest for them to do. If somebody gives you a job and you don't know how to do it, you will invent the way to do it as best you can, based on what your comfort level is. What happens is the practice sinks to that comfort level. It hits a plateau right there and stops growing.

Our training program teaches you not only what you need to know to manage your practice, but how to teach your staff what they need to know to do their jobs right, and then get them to do that at 60 miles an hour.

The key to our training program is learning to run your practice by statistics instead of gut feelings and personalities.

III. Seminars

Most of our custom-tailored programs include seminars on specific subjects, as part of the handling for that particular practice. The seminars are a cost-effective method of teaching the staff exactly what they need to know to do their jobs.

Your practice will either sink to the skill level and comfort level of your staff, or as the senior executive it is up to you, with training, to push the skill level of your staff up to meet the standards that you set. So what exactly are those standards? Our seminars cover exactly the standards to be implemented in your practice by your staff.

IV. Consulting

We get you to apply what you learn in your training back in your practice, much like an apprenticeship system. The key to getting you to apply what you learn in your training is follow-up, insistence, and staying in close communication. We maintain a very close relationship with our clients. You will have someone here to talk to and help you work through any problems that arise in implementing what you've been taught in our training.

The cornerstone of our success in working with practice owners and their staff is our emphasis on application and implementation. As a part of every program we provide you with personal, hands-on assistance and consultation. This ensures the correct application and full implementation of the materials learned into your business or practice.

Our consultants have helped our clients overcome such normal problems as:

  • Concern about handling staff problems
  • Being able to actively move the practice into a new range
  • Stuck in a plateau - want to expand
  • Want to increase profits
  • Want more referrals
  • Getting everybody on the same page
  • How to be more efficient
  • How to be a better executive
  • How to handle staff difficulties
  • How to get compliance with treatment programs

Our clients tell us that it is tremendously helpful just to have someone objective who is intimately familiar with the details of your practice, available to talk to you on a regular basis about how to take your practice one step at a time in the direction you want it to go.

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