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Dental Practice Management
Helping You Get to the Next Level

Hello, I'm Rick Manning and I'd like to welcome you to Pacific Management Consultants' Website. We're helping our clients achieve greater success and profitability using proven tools that get results.

Our approach is straightforward:

Our program not only finds out why your practice is stuck in a plateau and provides a step-by-step handling to get it to the next level—it is structured to help you implement that handling so it actually happens in your practice.

We handle whatever is keeping your net income from going to the next level.

We first find out exactly what you need by conducting a detailed business analysis. By using the powerful management tools that are available to us, we can make positive advances towards your goals.

I suggest that if you are interested in improving your business that you request our free evaluation. One of our consultants will contact you to conduct the evaluation.

Dental Practice Management
An Exact Technology

At Pacific, we teach an exact technology of management, putting you in control of your business.

Most new clients come to us concerned about handling staff problems and situations that are keeping them from being able to actively move the practice into a new range. They are typically stuck in a plateau and want to expand and increase profits and have less stress. They have problems getting more referrals, or their treatment plans are falling through the cracks.

We train our clients in how to run their practice by statistics, instead of through gut feelings or personalities. We help them increase staff responsibility for their jobs so that staff accomplish what they are really being paid for, not just putting in their time every week.

We educate our clients how to properly manage, and then we work on the presentation and financial arrangements to improve production and collections. When these management basics are implemented in the practice, and the doctors get better acceptance of treatment plans from the patients we see a dramatic increase in income. We educate our clients so they understand how to really get the patient to want the treatment, how to get people to accept their treatment plans instead of giving excuses about how it's too expensive or whatever.

Generally we will go into a phase of training in communication and sales in order to accomplish that patient acceptance, after clients are through getting in the basics of management of the practice. We take things one step at a time.

Dental Practice Management Seminars

Our seminars are interesting and enjoyable. Our groups have fun and learn to apply what they learn.

Pacific teaches a key tool of management—this clearly shows the duties of each person in the practice. We help you put in place real organization that gets everyone to understand what functions they are responsible for, and who to go to for what kinds of problems and situations. This really helps to smooth the efficiency of the organization, because then the staff are not all coming at the doctor with every little problem, just because he or she happens to own the place. This one tool can prevent an immense amount of interruptions and needless conferencing in any dental practice.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you have about our program or how we could be of help to you.

Rick Manning, President           
Pacific Management Consultants

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