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"From Stress to Success" by Kevin Andrews DDS

I would like to share with you my success since signing up with Pacific Management in May of 1996.

I was at a point of frustration in my practice; I had been practicing for almost three years and found myself surviving, but not flourishing financially. My staff was not the Dream Team I had visualized having and I was stressed out at the end of each day.

Orthodontics had become a job, work, not fun and not as enjoyable as it started out to be. What was happening? How was I going to change my situation? These questions and circumstances brought me to the decision to get some assistance - to hire a consultant. With all the management services available to choose from, how would I select the best one for my practice?

As a scientist, I wanted facts to substantiate my decision, not just some stranger in a suit promising me he can help.

I wanted proven technology that I could learn and apply to my practice that would ensure success. My conclusion was that managing by statistics and Pacific Management would be the solution - and it has been!

I have it all! I have a dream office in every sense! I bought a new building in February across from a beautiful and scenic golf course with all new equipment and decor. I have an incredibly great staff that are all high producers, excellent team players and whom I love spending the day with! I have a family of fantastic patients who are happily referring others. I am having fun again!

The practice just keeps getting better. We just had our best month ever: treatment sold $126,000!, Collections of $93,438 and 33 new starts and 42 new patients - ALL ON THREE DAYS PER WEEK!!

Take action and create your ideal scene; call Pacific Management. It's your best decision - it sure was mine!