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How to Effectively Handle Work

Learn how to handle the day-to-day confusions and problems that everyone faces at work. Learn how to deal with exhaustion, burnout and stress. Learn the tools that will help you be more effective at work and how to enjoy work! It addresses areas such as how to handle one's job, how to keep a job, and how to maintain productivity and efficiency.

Prerequisite: None

Ethics for practice Survival

Surviving in the practice world is a challenge for most people. Often we are faced the ethical and moral decisions and don't often know what the right thing is to do. On this course, the student is taught the subject of ethics and learns how one's own decisions affect every aspect of their lives, not just in the practice world. The student learns what unethical behavior can do and how to improve the workplace through the use of ethics. Although some view practice as a dog-eat-dog world, one of the more challenging aspects is the recurring necessity to decide what is right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. These are often complex and difficult decisions to face. The subject of ethics encompasses this aspect of practice. This course shows the destructive consequences of unethical behavior in practice, what ethics really are, how to apply ethics on a day-to-day basis, and how to improve the workplace through the use of ethics.

Prerequisite: None

Formulas for practice Success

This is the first entry point to learn about managing by statistics in the practice world. Learn what the different operating states or conditions of practice or any organizational activity are, how to determine the overall productivity of any section of your practice and learn what formulas to apply to either improve an area that is not producing or to strengthen an area that is producing.

Prerequisite: None

Management by Statistics

Learn more about managing by statistics by proven methods that teach the student how to analyze an area, operation, or an entire practice and how to analyze trends to make better decisions. This course teaches how to use statistics and graphs to show how much any practice or organizational area is producing.

Prerequisite: Formulas for practice Success Course

Executive Basics

Learn the fundamentals of holding an executive position (managerial or administrative) in any practice and what the functions are of an executive including the duties and responsibilities in owning and running any practice. These tools teach the student how an executive effectively deals with employees to lead the practice toward greater profitability and responsibility in an organization. It covers the topics of executive functions, leadership and the duties and skills of an executive.

Prerequisite: Formulas for practice Success Course

Effective Leadership

Learn the elements of being an effective leader and how important and valuable this is to any practice venture and how to achieve your goals in anything you do. An effective leader is very valuable in our society. The importance of leadership cannot be downplayed. This course identifies the elements effective leadership and how to achieve them

Prerequisite: None (Executive Basics recommended)

Basic Organization

This course teaches the student all the functions of an organization and how lacking this important information can lead to downsizing and insolvency. The student learns all the aspects of an organization and how to set one up to run efficiently, effectively and increase productivity in all areas of work. You will also learn the basic laws of organization and administration, and how to design and set up an organization so that it runs effectively

Prerequisite: Formulas for practice Success Course, Management by Statistics Course

How to Make Planning Become Actuality

Planning is working out how one is going to accomplish set objectives. Learn how to write and carry out a plan and program and how vital these are to any activity. Most practicees do not suffer from a lack of bright ideas. The failure comes from lack of implementation. Learn how to carry out a plan and program to success. A properly written plan is a road map to success. This course teaches the student workable techniques for formulating plans and programs. It teaches how to get programs carried out and moving to achieve practice or organizational goals and objectives. The elements of successful plans and programs are defined and taught.

Prerequisite: None

How to Get Things Done

Learn how to get the work done by getting compliance from co-workers and employees without the frustration that usually happens when one is trying to move forward. Barriers and procrastination of others can cause the frustration. An executive is someone that is skilled in getting others to get the work done and this course teaches the exact tools needed to accomplish this. An executive or an administrator must be someone who can get things done through others. This course contains 22 practical drills that teach the student how to get others to get things done and how to get compliance

Prerequisite: Improving practice Through Communication Course

How to Write Effective Company Policy

It contains the basic data on what policy is and what makes it effective. Policy is defined as agreement and many people do not know how to accomplish this to get or keep things running smoothly. This course teaches the student how to write company policy and how policy is used to expand any practice. This is a must for senior executives. You will be capable of recognizing good policy, and you will be able to originate policy that will be understood and followed.

Prerequisite: None


This is an important function in any practice. This course teaches the basic elements and tools of marketing and how to plan marketing strategy and to devise marketing and promotional campaigns.

Prerequisite: How to Get Along With Others Course or How to Predict Human Behavior Course. Also the Surveys course and the Public Relations course

Public Relations

Learn everything necessary to accomplish this and through these tools, the student learns how to expand his practice. Good public relations are vital to the expansion or any practice or organization. This course teaches the basics duties and purposes of the public relations professional, the elements of public relations and the basic tools of public relations.

Prerequisite: How to Get Along With Others Course or How to Predict Human Behavior Course


Surveys are the tools by which one finds out what customers and potential customers think and feel. On this course the student learns how to use surveys to gather vital information to run effective marketing, promotion and public relations campaigns.

Prerequisite: How to Get Along With Others Course or How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior Course


Most people don't know anything about sales and often do all the wrong things and end up avoiding the area. This course teaches the student all the tools needed to increase their closing ratio and thereby increase the income of the practice and the individual. There are over 20 practical exercises that the student does to perfect their ability to sell to their clients. Effective salesmanship can be learned. This course teaches the fundamentals of personal selling.

Prerequisite: Improving practice Through Communication Course

How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company

One of our most fundamental courses, this course teaches the student what inefficiency is and how to recognize and handle it in the workplace which saves many hours of work each week and frustration during the day. The student is taught exactly how to deal with it and eliminate it from the workplace and how to implement and use a communication system that will save the student hours of work each week. This course gives details on why you are losing man-hours and income, with specific handlings. It is vital to the smooth running of any practice, and is suitable for executives and employees alike.

Prerequisite: None

How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning

On this course the student learns how to manage organizational financial resources to increase cash flow and solvency, build reserves and correctly allocate financial resources for increased organizational production.

Prerequisite: Formulas for practice Success Course

Basic Study Manual

This course teaches the student basic information on the barriers to study, how to effectively study, learn and be able to apply any material. This information is vital to students, practice owners, children, teachers, parents or anyone who wants to learn how to study correctly for better understanding and application of any subject in life.

Prerequisite: None

How to Get Along With Others

This course contains vital information on getting along with other people more easily. One of the key elements in running a successful practice is the ability to get along with others. This course teaches the student the basics of different types of personalities and how to recognize them and deal with them in an effective way to improve any relationship.

Prerequisite: None

Handling Life's Ups and Downs

This is a course that trains the person how to handle the ups and downs in life more effectively. It covers why you have ups and downs, how you may be sad sometimes and happy other times, why things seem to go well for you and then go poorly, etc., and what you can do about it. Personal problems, stress, feeling "up and down" in life all take a toll on a person. This course teaches the student the cause of this and gives him the tools to resolve and handle the source of the problem. Many students have felt tremendous personal relief after completing this training and feel more "stable" in life and on the job.

Prerequisite: None

Personal Integrity

This course contains some very basic but powerful information about the soundness of moral principles: the character of uncorrupted virtue, especially in relation to truth and fair dealings. Application of this course will produce an increase in one's personal integrity. Learn the basics of honesty and integrity in one's own life and practice. Learn what happens when you compromise your own personal integrity and learn how to get it back.

Prerequisite: None

Improving practice Through Communication

Learn how to communicate effectively without tension or nervousness, how to get ideas across clearly and distinctly and how to guide and control any communication in any situation. The inability to communicate can destroy a career, a practice relationship, personal life, or a sale. This course is comprised of 18 practical drills on all types of communication and the fundamentals of successful communication. The greater a person's ability to communicate, the greater his potential for success. The ability to professionally handle communication plays no small role in the demonstration of competence. The ability to communicate can be learned and developed.

Prerequisite: None

How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior

How would you like to be able to correctly predict what someone else will do? This course teaches the student the tools necessary to understand people and their behavior on the job or off. The student learns how to observe, evaluate and understand anyone. Grounds the student in the basics of the Emotional Tone Scale and its many uses through a combination of written, taped and practical information. This course is a MUST for anyone in management, sales or human resources

Prerequisite: None

IA# 03052201.

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